Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It is not. We just make it that way. You simply do not accept the simplicity and directness of it. When the sages tell us "you are already enlightened" or "there is nothing to seek, you are already there" we do not believe them. We have been conditioned to think through our cultural, societal, family and religious influences that spiritual growth and insight must be mystical and magical and dramatically transforming laced with iconic and intense imagery. That is wrong. It is ordinary. In fact, it can be nothing else but ordinary. But as long as you seek the drama, you will miss what simply is.

So what is it? Just this moment, and every one thereafter. The fact that you are aware, that the images of life are projected and actually co-created on your awareness like images on a screen. The screen, your awareness, unchanging, with an infinite stream of images dancing in and out of that awareness. The universe, observing, experiencing itself. But remember, not your mind or body or brain or anything physical or chemical or energy flow. We are talking about Emptiness itself, not the images on the screen or its surface, but its ability to project, to reflect, to be seen, to be known. That is what you are.

Your awareness is so much more than your body and mind but you insist on forcing them together, reducing universal awareness to mere sensory processes and internal dialogue and physicality. You reject, even scorn that you are Emptiness itself, part of a universal whole, yet interestingly you may well believe in religion and mysticism and all the mythic and fantastic visions and imagery that come with it. Why do so many of us believe in angels and demons and god figures and mystical experiences but find it far fetched to believe the simple fact that your true nature and state is Emptiness itself and that your puny body and mind are really illusions, fleeting dream images, just tools and vehicles to enjoy the ride.

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