Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We have all heard the mystics and sages speak of the stages of being. It is often presented as gross, subtle, causal, non dual and One Taste. Gross is your ordinary waking state. Subtle is intense thought and dream states. Causal is often referred to as deep dreamless sleep. They will also say that the causal state of deep dreamless sleep is most like your true nature. How can that be? You are not aware of anything in dreamless sleep. Some would say you are unconscious, dead to the world.

But that is exactly the point. Why is a state where there is nothing, no mind objects whatsoever, not even self awareness not as valid or representative of you as when you are thinking or feeling or perceiving? A third of your life is spent in such a state. Surely you would not argue that you literally die when you fall into deep dreamless sleep and are suddenly reborn when you awaken.

Instead, such a state represents what you truly are before the infinite mind objects project themselves. This is the state like the metaphor of the screen. Where all the images of consciousness and awareness will be projected. You are not dead in dreamless sleep. You are instead your true nature, quiet and still now, but waiting to manifest the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, feelings and thoughts of the entire universe to be projected on your awareness. You are not those objects any more than a screen is what is projected upon it. You are the screen, quiet, immovable, and unaffected by the projection.

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