Tuesday, June 16, 2009


No. If it could, the greatest philosophers, sages, scientists, authors and poets across the ages, in effect the greatest minds who have ever lived, would have already done so. There is no secret society here guarding a secret explanation known to only a few.

The problem here is not the complexity of the question or the answer. It is the perspective from which it is asked. From the perspective of subject and object, mind and body and every other dualistic, relativistic world view, the question is invalid and there can be no answer.

To put it simply, you cannot express in relative terms the non-relative. Put another way, how do you relate an awareness of a universal, integrated whole to something else? There is nothing else. The problem in asking the question then is your limited, relative perspective. When you learn to think differently, the question takes on a very different meaning.

There actually are however "simple" explanations to the question above that can provide brief glimpses. They are expressed experientially and not relatively or dualistically.

Read a good Zen poem. Four or five lines is all it usually takes. You will find your answer but only if you really understand your question.

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