Thursday, June 11, 2009


Contemporary Enlightenment is an evolving guide, a dialogue, perhaps even a map for the path to growth in consciousness and spirit expressed in contemporary, clear, pragmatic and direct terms. While we respect and treasure all that has come before, many of the traditions are founded on expressions reflecting social and cultural structures long since evolved and offering diminished relevancy to today's personal and social processes. In the dialogues we hope to present, our goal is to update and express in more culturally understandable 21st century terms the path to personal growth in consciousness and enlightenment.

This site is really for those serious about spiritual inquiries who have already pursued the path to some degree. My hope is to create an easily accessible web based reference or even hand book revisiting, updating, applying and integrating the seemingly endless expressions of spirit and growth in consciousness. I hope for a collective effort of other serious investigators who may share their insights and together experience a synergy in thought and insight. Many of the insights to be addressed could easily be the topics of entire books. That is not the goal. Instead we intend to address such issues directly and concisely using accessible, contemporary terminology and hopefully conclusions permitting the reader to pursue further insight and detail independently.

Most importantly, this is not a new age self help, stress reduction, egoic comfort, or disguised search for immortality site. Those familiar with the path to true growth in consciousness know or at least intuit the pain and perils of doing so and how ultimately, the goal is the true and not metaphoric death of the separate self. The goal is genuine transformation for those who are ready. There are countless other sites for those who are not.

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